Your patients are our patients. That’s why we provide fast, accurate results in clinically meaningful language. We are here for your patient – we are here for you.

In-House Services
  • Direct immunofluorescence
  • Frozen section
  • Extensive menu of immunostains (single and multiplex)
  • In situ hybridization
  • Special stains
  • Access to molecular testing
  • Culture facilitation
The PRL Difference
  • Exceptional customer service
    • 24/7 dermatopathologist reachability
  • < 24 hr TAT for most specimens​
  • STAT specimen pickups
  • STAT specimen processing
  • Customizable reports
  • ​Report delivery: EMR interface, fax, or paper copy delivery
Dermpath Expertise
  • Hair specimens (alopecia)
  • Melanoma
  • Nail specimens
  • Podiatric specimens
  • Slow Mohs
  • Vesiculobullous disorders, including DIF studies
Dermatopathology Testimonials

“Besides the fact they have great personalities and know their stuff…they are the Amazon prime of dermatopathology where you get your package delivered the very next day!”
Dermatologist, San Antonio

PRL established a HIPPA compliant link to our EMR, which gives the dermatopathologist access to the clinical history and photographs. The link to the clinical information and their excellent diagnostic acumen along with their willingness to be readily available for questions, concerns, and even last minute rush specimen results in the very highest level of personalized service.
Dermatologist, San Antonio

“I have been working with PRL for more than 2 years. In the last 6 months I opened my own practice. I often speak of the quality results I receive from PRL to my patients so they understand the value they receive when I send their biopsies and paps to this lab. I have never been misled or disappointed.
Nurse Practitioner, Abilene

“The quality of their work and rapid turnaround time is exceptional. I highly recommend PRL and feel confident that you will experience the highest level of dermatopathology services available.
Dermatologist, San Antonio

“I highly recommend the dermatopathology service at PRL. I first became acquainted with Dr. Haws when she contacted me to obtain additional clinical information regarding a patient that I had referred to a hand surgeon. I was so impressed that she took the time to review the record and call for additional information… I now send all of my biopsies to PRL and am extremely happy with this decision.
Dermatologist, San Antonio

“My Dermatopathologists have exceeded my expectations as they have mentored and fostered my own understanding. They are my choice. I hope to have their expertise my entire career.
Nurse Practitioner, Abilene

Board-Certified Dermatopathologists

All of PRL’s Dermatopathologists completed a fellowship with Dr. Ronald Rapini, UT Health Science Center, Houston TX

Meghan Abuzeid MD

Meghan Abuzeid, MD

Andrea Haws, MD

Andrea Haws, MD

Kelly Hall, MD

Kelly Hall, MD