Patient-Centric Pathology Lab

What a Patient-Centric Pathology Lab Looks Like

Patient-centric care means ensuring the individual patient’s needs, preferences, and well-being are considered. Pathology Reference Laboratory supports a patient-centric approach by accepting all insurances, providing flexible billing, and supporting customers’ needs.

Acceptance of All Insurance Plans

We accept all insurances and are in-network with all major carriers. This enables more patients access to necessary care without additional hurdles.

Pathology Reference Laboratory’s in-network status with major carriers significantly reduces the financial burden on most patients. We prioritize affordability by being in-network with all major insurance providers so patients don’t have to absorb the cost of out-of-network services.

In-House Billing and Bilingual Customer Service

In-house billing streamlines the financial process. By maintaining all billing records in our office, we can answer questions and provide support without endless back-and-forth communication with a third-party service.

We also provide Spanish-speaking patients with knowledgeable customer service in their preferred language. Questions and answers won’t get lost in translation, resulting in better understanding and less frustration for Spanish speakers.

Flexible Billing Options

In addition to our comprehensive insurance acceptance and in-house billing services, Pathology Reference Laboratory offers flexible billing options.

Private-Pay Discounts

We offer private-pay discounts for patients who opt not to file an insurance claim or those without insurance coverage. These reductions make diagnostic tests and services more financially accessible.

Customized Payment Plans

Pathology Reference Laboratory recognizes that some medical expenses may be substantial. We offer customizable payment plans to help alleviate financial burden on patients. These help make unexpected medical care more affordable yet ensure patients get the diagnostic testing they need and deserve.

Partner with a Patient-Centric Pathology Lab Today

Pathology Reference Laboratory operates with a patient-centric approach to help make care easy and accessible for everyone.

If your current service isn’t a patient-centric pathology lab, it’s time to become a partner with Pathology Reference Laboratory. Contact us today!